So what is this?
SnapCity is a mobile App, but not just another one.
It's a meeting point where people that visit your city can connect with you through a chat platform and enjoy the insider's knowledge and experience the real city, off the beaten track. 

And how does it work?
When the visitors have a question (anything goes! There are no stupid questions, only stupid people, and they don't use this app), they will ask it on the platform. If you think you can provide them with a good answer, you can accept the chat request, and let the magic happen. It's that simple.

And you say i can actually make some money with this?

Yes, you can.
Visitors are encouraged to tip ($) the Locals, to thank them for their time and support. SnapCity will keep a small fee out of this amount, but everything else goes straight into your pocket.
Besides, for every new user that finds SnapCity through your recommendation-link, we'll chip in 1€ for you.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Let's get you registered, then.
What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_36117936}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name?

What's the place you call “home”?

The city you live in. Come on, do we have to explain everything? :)
Let me guess {{answer_36117936}} , you're no older than.....

Nah, we're terrible at that. Just tell us your age please.
That phone of yours, is that a ________?

And finally {{answer_36117936}}, how would you rate your general knowledge on these subjects, regarding your city?

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Food & Restaurants

Sports & Recreation

History & Culture

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